Namaste and welcome to Tea House.  Tea House is a great place to share my passion for Nepalese Tea – and a great place to learn about why Nepalese Tea is now gaining a quality worldwide reputation.

Tea House was born after a trip to Nepal in 2015, just after the deadly earthquake.  Having lived in Nepal from 2007-2009, I was drawn back to help my friends in the aftermath of the earthquake.  Once there, one of the first things I did was head to a local tea shop and stock up on delicious fair-trade Nepali teas.

When I flew home I crammed packets and packets of Ilam, Darjeeling and White Tea into my suitcase!  Once home and almost at the end of my supply, an idea was born.

Tea House!

After many hours of research, I found a tea plantation that produces rare, fair trade, organic tea.  The plantation is in the High Hills of the Himalayas, and is a co-operative group of tea estates in far eastern Nepal, under the shadow of Mt Sandakphu.  The estate has a processing factory where the first female tea entrepreneur in Nepal oversees operations.
Included in the collection is Black Tea, White Tea, Green Tea and Oolong.  Slowly, Nepal is becoming world renowned for its unique teas grown in the clean high air of the Himalayas.  Due to altitude, the tea bushes are slow growing and contain higher levels of beneficial compounds. 

The story won’t end here though.  I have plans to expand Tea House from its humble beginnings into a social enterprise.

I live in Inglewood, NZ, with my husband and three beautiful boys.  Tea House is a part time enterprise, one that keeps me connected to the wonderful people of Nepal.  In time, Tea House will expand and more varieties will be available, in the meantime, enjoy the health giving pure benefits of the some of the best tea in the world.


Tea House teas are organically and ethically grown, resulting in a perfect cup.

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