White Orange Tea


This White Tea is approaching an Oolong in its qualities – oxidised slightly, it yields a light liquor in the first infusion then darkens for subsequent infusions. It then lightens again as you reinfuse the leaves over and over.  It yields a soft silky liquor with a slightly different cup each time.

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Exquisite White Tea

White Orange is prepared only during mid summer or deep autumn at Sandakphu Garden. A Silvery bud and one tender first leaf are plucked early in the morning or late afternoon when the sun either welcomes you or bids farewell. During this time Sandakphu foot hill plantation displays a glitter of silver and the buds depict immense potential for a highly aromatic mellow tea. The very first summer or autumnal leaf and a silvery bud is hand plucked with precision, the leaves are then withered (removal of excess moisture from the tender bud and leaf) from the remaining hours of the day including overnight stay at withering troughs with a constant supply of natural air. Early in the morning freshness, the leaves are hand rolled for about half an hour and then allowed to rest for 1-2 hours depending on the weather conditions at the garden. Once the rolled leaves start changing color, they are lightly machine rolled for 15 minutes and then dried immediately under low heat as a start up process for peak oxidation. Low fired tea is then allowed to breathe out the heat and allowed to rest for about 5 hours. Final high heat drying is given so as to increase the flavor profile and shelf life of the tea. They are then hand sorted and packed.

This laboriously hand-plucked leaf yields a light yellow infusion and a sweet, refreshing liquor reminiscent of cucumber and honey. A whisper of woodsmoke in the finish completes this satisfying tea. This robust and full bodied white tea also has a very mild citrus flavour.

250ml – 1-2 Tsp

Water – 70-80 Degrees

Steep – 4 Minutes

Recommended Number of Steeps – up to 5, steep longer towards 3rd steep.

Enjoyed without Milk

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Weight 30 kg
10 / 30 grams

10 grams, 30 grams


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