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Ruby Black is our most popular tea – and for good reason. It is a full bodied and robust brew that gives you a get a go attitude – without a massive caffeine hit. The Ruby Black leaves are made by women in their own homes in the village of Jasbirey (a practise which dates back decades) – this is unique to this region of Nepal, and the uniqueness of this tea is being recognised internationally with Ruby Black being available in exclusive tea house’s from Paris to Colorado.

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Ruby Black has curled deep brown leaves that yield a deep amber liquor with hints of roasted malt and caramel. The liquor is full bodied with mild astringency and a slight bitterness that quickly fades to the background as a sweetness comes forth. It has tasting notes of honey, floral and black licorice.

Ruby depicts the ‘fire’ in the character of the tea – The Nepalese think of Ruby as strong and alive with a lasting gentle finish. After consuming Ruby Black, you feel well hydrated, refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge of the day.

Once Ruby’s leaves are handplucked – they are usually handrolled to give a fine twist. It is then completely oxidized for 26 hours at 6500 feet elevation. A constant flow of cold mist supplied by nature at this altitude makes the oxidation (or natural fermentation) process extremely slow and allows a gradual change and build up of beneficial of polyphenols and flavonoids (see our blog). Once the desired color and nose (or flavour) is attained during this natural oxidation process Ruby Black is dried slowly and matured with time and perfection. Like a fine wine – the longer you keep your Ruby Black, the better it becomes.

Health Benefits from Ruby Black Tea

Ruby Black is special tea which you can integrate into everyday life. It will provide you with a range of health benefits – from detox and cleansing through to anticancer properties. It is widely acknowledged that quality black tea is a fantastic way to get the same heart health advantages as drinking a glass of red wine (think ‘polyphenols’).

Orthodox Tea

Ruby Black is an orthodox tea. Whole leaf teas are known as Orthodox Teas – crafted using the traditional process of making tea, either by hand processing or rolling machinery that mimics hand rolling. The small, young tender leaves are plucked from the tips of the tea bush. This is in contrast to CTC Teas, which are made through the Crush, Tear, and Curl method which produces a cheaper granular leaf particle.

Instructions for brewing:

Bring fresh filtered water to a rolling boil. Wait for 2 minutes before gently pouring the water over fresh leaves in a clean pot or infuser. Steep for 3-4 minutes and enjoy immediately. Keep the leaves a in the pot for re-steeping (Do not let them stew). Ruby Black can be re-steeped up to 3 or 4 times, and will steep overnight for a refreshing morning cool tea. If you cannot do without milk, you can add a splash to your Ruby Black, but trust me, it’s better without it.

Taste: honey, floral, herbeceous and black licorice.

Flavour: Malty caramel with whisky undertones.

250ml – 1-2 Tsp – 90 Degrees Steep – 4 Minutes

Recommended Number of Steeps – 3

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