Green Pearl Tea


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Our popular loose leaf green tea is Green Pearl.  Harvested by hand from select bushes with a high chlorophyll content*, the young fresh leaves are selected and are then partially withered using smoke. The leaves are then de-enzymed, cooled and rolled for about twenty five minutes. Tea leaves are then shaped into balls,dried, hand sorted and packed. Green Pearl is crafted with love and care into a unique pearl-like shape.

In traditional Nepalese culture, an irregular shaped tea is preferred to perfectly shaped leaves, making this tea popular with local folk. Green Pearl is a delight to watch during steeping. While the leaves are unfurling, the mystic nature of Nepali culture unfurl and exhibit pronounced lime brightness with sweet grassy aromas. The light green liquor has a lively fresh taste evoking visuals of green Himalayan forests and hills that transcends in the cup.

Who can drink loose leaf green tea?

Green Pearl is a loose leaf green tea for any green tea lover.  Upon sipping, you’re rewarded with a truly authentic and healthy brew, handcrafted with care by a top tea master, and not tainted by a plastic ridden teabag. It provides a refreshing pick me up, morning, afternoon and night. Green Pearl is naturally low in caffeine and the ‘pick me up’ properties are due to the health giving compounds in the tea. The tea leaves you feeling detoxed and cleansed. Green Pearl is packed full of health benefits, due to its powerful antioxidants, which help absorb free radicals in the body and protect it from cellular damage. This makes it perfect for health conscious people, athletes, students and people interested in weight loss.

Orthodox Tea

Green Pearl is taken without milk, as its light taste is lost with the addition of milk. Whole leaf teas are known as Orthodox Teas – crafted using the traditional process of making tea, either by hand processing or rolling machinery that mimics hand rolling. The small, young tender leaves are plucked from the tips of the tea bush. This is in contrast to CTC Teas, which are made through the Crush, Tear, and Curl method which produces a cheaper granular leaf particle.

Instructions for brewing:

Bring fresh filtered water to a rolling boil. Wait for 3 minutes before gently pouring the water over fresh leaves in a clean pot or infuser. Steep for 3-4 minutes and enjoy immediately. Keep the leaves a in the pot for re-steeping (Do not let them stew). Green Pearl can be re-steeped many times, and will steep overnight for a refreshing morning cool tea.

Taste: Vibrant, flavourful and fresh

Flavour: Sweet, grassy, notes of lime.

250ml – 1-2 Tsp – 80 Degrees Steep – 4 Minutes

Recommended Number of Steeps – 3

Take without Milk.

*Chlorophyll benefits include anti-cancer properties, improved liver detoxification, wound healing, improving digestion and weight control, and protecting skin health. Chlorophyll is considered a superfood.

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