Black Oolong Tea


One of our most popular teas, this Oolong gives a well rounded and satisfying finish.  Full of health benefits, this tea will give you the boost you need first thing in the morning.

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Oolong Tea

The beautiful leaves unfurl after submersion, a delight to watch. This oolong is a summer flush harvets, plucked when the leaves are dark green. Processing begins with mechanical rolling and shaping, which gently bruises the leaves and darkens the color and indicates that its oxidation (60%) is complete. Its deep color reveals a surprisingly golden cup, with a rich-tasting amber cup and notes of toasted nuts, malt and apricots.

A cleansing and refreshing tea, lovely for a afternoon pick me up.

What sets Oolong apart from the blacks or whites or greens is the single step of oxidation. Oolongs fit between black and green teas by being partially oxidized.
Its leaves are usually formed in one of two unique styles: rolling them long and curly or ‘wrap‐ curling’ the leaves into small bead‐like shapes, sometimes with a tail.
To create the robust flavor, the leaves, are withered, rolled and fired multiple times. In crafting an oolong, the tea master must both, recognize the potential in a leaf to lend itself to this type, and be skilled in the making of it.
The oolong teas have caught the interest of tea drinkers for health reasons. It’s thought to be beneficial to health for its antioxidant properties, as much or more than the average black.

250ml – 1-2 Tsp

Water – 85 Degrees

Steep – 4 Minutes

Recommended Number of Steeps – 3

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10 / 30 grams

10 grams, 30 grams


10 grams, 30 Grams


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