How to create the perfect cup

I spend alot of time talking about how to brew loose leaf tea. I’m a bit fussy during preparation and enjoy the reward of getting it right.

Once you get used to it, brewing good tea will become second nature and you will truly appreciate the subtle flavour profiles and depths which are released through proper brewing.

Our teas will really reward you if they are brewed correctly. The beauty of loose leaf orthodox tea is that it can be steeped multiple times – and when you get the brewing technique correct, you can squeeze out more steeps!

The most important things to remember are:

Always remember to use a clean pot,

Never over-steep the leaves and,

Never put boiling water on these precious leaves, as it cooks them and ruins the subtle flavours.

Check out the infographic for more information on how to brew loose leaf tea. You can also view our range of exquisite rare teas HERE. We ship within NZ for a flat rate of $3.

how to brew loose leaf tea

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