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Green Tea Health Benefits

How green tea supports a healthy body

More than just your ordinary liquid drink, green tea has been widely consumed not only as a refreshing way to quench thirst but because of its known health-boosting properties

Green tea is produced from the leaves of the Camelia sinensis plant after undergoing through withering and moderate oxidation process.

Green tea generally has a grassy, earthy and lightly sweet taste. Additionally, on average an 8 ounce serving of green tea contains around 35 mg of caffeine.

Green tea contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties making it a healthy drink. Read on to find out more about green tea health benefits.

Some Green Tea Health Benefits

Known as the healthiest beverage on the planet, drinking green tea offers tons of benefit for your health which include the following:

1.  Green Tea May Help Fend Off Cancer Cells

An excellent source of antioxidants and tea polyphenols drinking green tea may reduce your risk from certain forms of cancer.

2.  Green Tea Provides Relaxing and Calming Effects

Sipping green tea is a great way to relax and slow down. Theanine, a natural chemical found in green tea is may provide calming effects.

3.  It Contains Antibacterial Properties which could assist Dental Health

Green tea is abundant with catechins which are powerful antioxidants and can help fight against viruses and bacteria.

4.  It Aids in Promoting Healthy Cardiovascular System

Regular consumption of green tea may help protect your heart from cardiovascular diseases. The catechins and tea polyphenols present in high amounts in green tea offer a number of protective benefits to the cardiovascular system.

5.  Green Tea Is Believed to Aid in Weight Loss and Boost Metabolism

Green tea consumption is found to aid in boosting the metabolic rate which in turn may aid in losing weight.

6.  Green Tea Is Found To Help Promote Brain Health

Green tea may help enhance the cognitive functions of the brain. There are also studies suggesting that green tea may help lower the risk for dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases

7.  It is a Powerful Source of Antioxidants

Green tea is packed with antioxidants which offer numerous health benefits.

8.  It Helps Support Healthy Digestion

Known as a digestive stimulant, drinking green tea regularly helps promote healthy digestive system.

Tea House Green Teas

Here at Teahouse, we stock two of the most amazing green teas on the world market.  They are both handcrafted by expert Tea Masters in the high hills of the Himalayas near the the Nepali border with Darjeeling district.  Green Pearl is harvested by hand from select bushes with a high chlorophyll content*, the young fresh leaves are selected and are then partially withered using smoke. The leaves are then de-enzymed, cooled and rolled for about twenty five minutes. Tea leaves are then shaped into balls,dried, hand sorted and packed. Green Pearl is crafted with love and care into a unique pearl-like shape.  The liquor is a light colour and the taste is different depending on the temperature of the water used.  It is a raw full on flavour profile, with hints of smoke and aniseed.  The Green Oolong has a marvelous complexity, one that develops and evolves in your cup as you continue to resteep it over and again.  It has silky smooth taste – light and fragrant with hints of freshly cut fruit and sunny sweet flavours. A kick of oxidation brings out floral characteristics, a rich, buttery body that lingers on your palate, and a rounded, airy quality more complex than your typical green.

Please our online shop for availablilty and prices.  Enjoy a cup of green tea everyday and reap the health benefits of this ancient liquor.  You can even start to enjoy this tea as an alternative to alcohol and coffee – it has a complex and interesting flavour profile that changes between varieties and tea gardens.  Start the discover the world of green tea today!

Check out this short video which explains green tea health benefits in detail.

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